Alex Kazan


Alex Kazan moved to the US from Yorkshire, England, during June 1996. He wrote his first novel Lady in Red" at the tender age of twelve. He subsequently joined the high school theater and arts group and directed his first play, "The Tall Thief" at fourteen. During his studies at Leeds Metropolitan University where he gained his BEng (Hon) in electronics Engineering, he also attended the well known Leeds School of Arts and mastered the art of writing. Later in the US he increased his knowledge of filmmaking by studying at the New York Film Academy. As a student he made several shorts including the festival favorites “Hell’s Angel” and “A Day At The Park”.


In 2002 Kazan founded Blue Rocket Films (BRF) based in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles.  Since then BRF has produced works by Alex and other filmmakers. These works include “Demon’s Trap”(2003, Alex Kazan), “ACID”(2004, by upcoming Indian director Swroop Kanchi) traveled the festival circuit in India and made it to the respected Times of India. “Supernova, California”(2004, Alex Kazan), “Vigilante Cop”(2005, Alex Kazan) starring Justin Ferrari and Raul Gonzales. During 2005 Alex also developed “PayBack, the Trojan Assembly” to be produced in 2009.


As a producer Alex has raised finances, negotiated terms and conditions for production to gain better production values for minimal cost. His involvement with sales and distribution has helped with producing market friendly projects and a quick project turn around.  Finally, Kazan’s scientific background mixed with his creative talents have made him one of only a few Producer / Directors in Hollywood who know how to bring the world of dreams and the sense of reality together to make a believable and entertaining movie.